About Twinbrush

Twinbrush is an independent logo and graphic design studio.

In today’s world, visual shrapnel surrounds us every minute of every day. Open your eyes and you will find yourself bombarded by everything from logo’s, brand experiences, signs and labels, to print and digital advertising. So how do you stand out in all this noise? That is where a professional graphic designer comes in.

As an experienced and trusted designer, Twinbrush feeds on this challenge. By focusing on meaningful content, communication, and creative design thinking, your idea and message can and will stand out.

Trusted and skilled.

Founded by Rian Magee, Twinbrush is an independent logo foundry and graphic design studio that applies a process that’s been honed over 15 plus years of industry experience. Twinbrush works to understand your business and your audience, creating results-focused, custom-created visuals that are engaging, unique and relevant for whatever design problem you face.

Twinbrush is trusted by clients from all over the world to create everything from logos and brand identities, through to illustration as well as brochure and booklet design. You can have a read for yourself at what my clients have to say. So, let me look after the creative problem solving while you do what you do best, running your business.

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Years industry experience

The Process

Design brief

Let’s face it, we both want the project to be a success and without doubt, the best way to do that path is to create a design brief. A design brief serves to not only outline the deliverables and core goals but also keeps the project focused from day one. The process starts with a conversation in order to better understand these goals and ensure only relevant concepts are developed. During this process I’ll work closely with you so we can clearly define the deliverables together and outline the issues that need solved.

Creation and Development

There have been many tools and techniques forged through years of design education and experience and they are applied with some serious enthusiasm; although some might call it down right geeky. Who cares what they call it; it works. Consequently what you get for your investment is a well thought-out, focused and custom created solution from a dedicated graphic designer. After all, anything else is quite simply a waste of time and money.

Coffee & Music

It’s a well known fact that a graphic designer can not function without coffee or music. Twinbrush is no different. Honestly, these things aren’t so much a part of the design process as the essential fuel behind it all. Let’s put it this way, if you can’t feel the music the volume’s too low. And if the spoon doesn’t bend when stirring the coffee then it’s far too weak!

Why Design?

Is design really that important?

If you’re asking yourself that question you are already more than halfway to realising the truth; and that is, No, it’s not important.It’s absolutely pivotal.

There is nothing (in the man-made world), that has not been designed. Think about it. Every item of clothing you wear, each product, car and device you touch, every magazine and book you read along with every detail of each one, all started life as an idea. The successful ones however, those that give you enjoyment and improve some aspect of your life, all had time and effort invested in their design.

What should you expect from a professional graphic designer?

Logo Design | Brand Identity | Stationery Design | Booklet, Catalogue & Brochure Design | Illustration | Web Design | In short, more customers and more clients.

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Save time
  • Don’t you have enough on your plate already? Focus your time on your business or idea and let a professional graphic designer work on the creative thinking.
Build a stronger brand
  • Attract and engage your audience with a distinctive, creative outcome and visual language, that raises your business above your competitors.
Save money
  • It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for. When you invest in expert design you get a solution that works for you day in, day out. It’s as simple as that.
Gain loyal customers
  • Communicate consistently with your audience, developing trust and building long-lasting relationships.

I'm absolutely blown away! Flexible, friendly, creative and utterly professional, Twinbrush completely surpassed all our expectations.

Eddie McKayOwner & Master Shaper, McKay Skatedecks

When you need a designer to understand immediately what you require and to communicate with you often, fulfilling the brief on time and at reasonable cost; Twinbrush is definitely the one to use.

Sharon ThompsonAuthor

In the lead up to our largest ever event we hired Twinbrush to oversee the creative design of our promotional material. Collaborating with Twinbrush was fantastic! With a limited brief they were able to surpass our expectations, where their creativity knows no bounds! The quick turnaround time on receiving the diverse range of cross-media marketing meant there was no delay in ticket sales. We look forward to working with Twinbrush on upcoming projects!

Patrice O'HaganSales Manager, Colin Glen Trust

Quite simply the dog's bollocks!

Scott OlsteenCreative Director, Primal